WM dolls(also called wmdolls) are made by a Chinese leading TPE sex doll manufacturer Jinshan. You are welcome to browse through collections of wm dolls made of super soft TPE material which is similar to real skin in lifelike feel!

WM dolls are luxury dolls. The price of wm dolls is not cheap. Wm dolls can offer you many choices. The chubby sex doll, pregnant doll, flat-chested doll, milf sex doll, and so on.

Their classic dolls are Sex Doll Charlie, BBW doll Jasmine, skinny doll Irma, red hair Sex Doll Marlene, etc.

140cm (4ft7″) Sex Doll Rumi

(2 reviews) 1,399.00

156cm (5ft1″) Sex Doll Indigo

(3 reviews) 1,749.00

162cm (5ft4″) Sex Doll Rosetta

(3 reviews) 1,899.00