Sex Robot, Sex Doll with AI, Auto Blowjob Real Dolls

The sex robot is developed from a sex doll. Today, the development of sex robots has greatly accelerated. Up to 2018, some manufacturers have built a sex robot that can be used for dialogue and can express various emotions.

The typical manufacturer is RealDoll, which can controll with an app, from which users can choose the look, clothing, personality and voiceprint combination to make you a perfect companion.

SEDOLL has made a blowjob sex robot to help men with automatic oral sex. But the price of sex robots is not cheap. The cheapest sex robots have to over $3,000, and realbotix cost more than $10,000.

By now, many companys studied Sex robots in the United States, Europe, Japan, and China. It is also widely accepted by the global market. There is even a situation where demand exceeds supply.

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148cm/ 4ft10 Robot Sex Doll Mavis

(2 reviews) 1,399.00

165cm/ 5ft5 Sex Doll Garnet