Sex with a sex doll may sound unattractive? Until recently, celebrity sex dolls began to enter the market. Most of them are designed to resemble fictional characters.

The most popular sex dolls are that look like AV actresses, porn stars or singers. Unfortunately, without their copyright permission, you can’t use the portraits of them. This means expensive costs for sex doll manufacturers.

The good news is that fictional characters can become your sex dolls. All you need to do is create a story around the character and create a celebrity sex doll that is completely similar to them.

Most importantly, the world of celebrity dolls is growing every day. Explore our options to find the newest sex doll.

140cm (4ft7″) Sex Doll Rumi

(2 reviews) 1,399.00

156cm (5ft2″) Sex Doll Alexandra

(24 reviews) 1,749.00

155cm (5ft1″) Sex Doll Josephine

(1 reviews) 1,749.00