Top 5 Most Popular Sex Dolls in 2019

Have you finally decided to buy a sex doll? Perfect choice! Sex dolls are great partners and are a great way of investing in your well-being. The sex doll industry is growing quickly and with the varieties of dolls that are available, choosing the ideal one can prove to be a challenge. Initially, not only was using the sex dolls not morally accepted in the society but also talking about sex in public was seen as a taboo. However, this has really changed over the years. More and more people have started to embrace these dolls as an ideal way to improve your personal well-being.

A sex doll can provide you with an unmatched sexual experience anytime, anywhere. These amazing sexual aids are undeniably the most submissive partners that you will ever get. The doll will never nag you, question your whereabouts, cheat on you or do something else that doesn’t please you. In fact, the latest modifications on sex dolls have them encrypted with voice capabilities and can actually respond to your touch. How amazing! Right?

According to research, sex dolls are ways better than women. Some of the benefits of sex doll include;

  • Sex dolls are an ideal alternative to women. They can help you recover from a terrible experience in a past relationship.
  • They are an amazing way to spice up sex life with your partner.
  • They can be used as a stairway towards learning how to treat your partner when the time comes.
  • They are “born” virgins and remain that until you purchase one.
  • Sex dolls are designed in varying shapes and sizes to cater to the vast market.
  • They are way more safe than escorts.
  • So, how do you tell which doll is the right one for you? Well, this entirely depends on your taste and preference and you basically go with that which you’ve always wanted. With that in mind, we will go through the 5 most popular sex dolls in 2018. This guide will delve deep into the features and designs to help you make a decision on which one you’ll go with;

Here’s the List
1. Thick Big Ass Sex Doll – 163cm (5ft5′) Sex Doll Jasmine

Standing at 163 cm tall, Jasmine is a thick girl who has an amazing appearance (big ass, hips, and thighs). She is unashamedly burdened with a hot sex appeal.

Jasmine’s demeanour is that of a Las Vegas high-end club stripper whose initial dream was to become a nurse. She, however, couldn’t complete her training because most of the time she would be fucking doctors. Jasmine finally started stripping seeing that every job that she ever tried would end up with her fucking with her male colleagues.

This amazing H-cup TPE sex doll comes with a steel skeleton that has movable joints making it more flexible for you; you can rely on Jasmine to try out kinky sexual stunts with very minimal training. The doll is 48.5 kg in weight and support vaginal, anal and oral sex.

The doll has a 37.8 inches Bust, 26.4 inches’ waistline and a 43.3 inches’ hips size. Both the vaginal and anal holes are 6.7 inches and the mouth is 5.1 inches.

2. Blonde Hair Hot Sex Doll- 170cm (5ft7′) Sex Doll Christa

Another popular sex doll is definitely the 170 cm tall Christa. She has that perfect ass. This hot blonde hair represents the demeanour of an all-time active lady with a ravenous urge for sex. Do you think you can satisfy her? That’s all she’s after, a man to keep up with her appetite for sex.

This E- cup thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) luxury sex doll is capable of pleasuring you with her vagina, ass, and mouth. Additionally, the encrypted steel skeleton makes her flexible for you; she can keep up with different positions. The doll has a weight of 38 kg, a 35 inches bust, 21.3 inches’ waistline and 38 inches’ hips size. Christa has 7.67 inches’ deep vagina and ass as well and a 5.9 inches’ mouth.

 3. Thick Curvy Sex Doll- 156cm (5ft2′) Sex Doll Jenna

Jenna, a 156 cm tall B-cup thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) sex doll will give you an unmatched sexual experience. The focus on this sex doll is definitely her big ass and muscular thighs. Her thighs will surely lock you for a more intimate affection.

The body of Jenna is made to depict that of a lady that hits the gym and who likes to end the session with a naughty quickie in the sauna room. The lady is a trainer as well and most of her male students have had a piece of the cookie in the sauna room.

Jenna craves for sex and will most definitely do anything possible to get laid at her workplace. She comfortably pleasures her students with the vagina, anus and the mouth. Additionally, her steel skeleton that has movable joints makes her comfortable in almost any position.

These gorgeous blonde weighs 43 kg and has a 31.5 inches bust, a 25 inches’ waistline and a 34 inches’ hips size. Both her vagina and anus are 7.7 inches deep while the mouth is 5.9 inches.

 4. Short Black Hair Sex Doll – 140cm (4ft7′) Sex Doll Sascha

Sascha, a 140 cm tall innocent looking lady is a luxury Japanese doll made from life-like thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) material. She weighs 24 kg and has a steel skeleton with movable joints that make her more flexible; she can hold any position and you’ll enjoy sex with minimal straining.

Lana can pleasure you with all her holes, the mouth, anus, and vagina. She has a 28 inches bust, 20 inches’ waistline, 29 inches’ hips size, and 26D bra size. Her vagina and anus are 7.7 inches and the mouth is 5.9 inches.

5. Japanese Sex Doll – 165cm (5ft5′) Sex Doll Irene

Made from a lifelike thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), Irina is a luxury Japanese sex doll with long legs and a stunning face. The doll has a steel skeleton and movable joins that improve her flexibility. She can hold various positions and you can have sex with minimal straining.

Irina can pleasure you with her mouth, her vagina, and her ass too. She weighs 30 kg and is 165 cm tall. Her bust is 31 inches, waistline 21 inches, hips size 30 inches and her bra size 28D. Additionally, both the vagina and ass are 7 inches and the mouth is 5 inches.

To sum it up, it is evident that all 5 most popular sex dolls are made from the lifelike thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). The material is considered to be softer and cost-effective. The body parts such as the busts feel more human-like and will woggle when you shake the doll, unlike the alternative materials. The material is also hypo allergic meaning that it does not have an irritating effect on your skin.

Also, having looked into 5 of the most popular sex dolls in March 2018, you definitely have an idea of what you are looking for. Based on the physical attributes of the different sex toys, go for the one that you feel more comfortable with; one that you can handle and ‘satisfy’ too.

A Sex Doll Changed My Life – Sex Doll Customer Story

A Sex Doll Changed My Life? Are you hesitating for getting a sex doll? But do you know what a sex doll can bring you and how they could have changed your life?

As a sex doll specialist, we come across many customers and have established a close relationship with them. We’re like their friends and have heard many stories behind for owning a sex doll.

A Sex Doll Changed My Life Stories:


Sex Doll Customer Story – Mr. White
He is a worker and has children. His wife passed away quite some time ago. As a 50-year-old man, he still has a pretty strong sexual desire and would love to have a company for the rest of his life. However, he has no interest in getting a spouse for many reasons. Typically, he is a low paid worker and came with a low esteem. He believed that it’s hard for him to find a woman to be with him when his pay can only keep him surviving. Also, his social group doesn’t allow him to know many new friends unless he has to intentionally get out there and find one.
He just can’t be bothered for getting in a new social circle at this age, he just wanted to have a peaceful and simple life. Therefore, he decided to custom a sex doll. After getting a doll, he is happier than before because he can have the usual sex life, yet, the doll is prettier than any women he is possible to get.

Sex Doll Customer Story – Mr. Swift
He is a computer technician, as well as a programmer and gamer. As many would have guessed, he is a real introvert and doesn’t like to hang out with many. Some may call this kind of person a loser. In fact, he is not a loser in his career. He is able to achieve well at corporate, handling many new IT products development. Yet, he doesn’t like to hang out and prefer to stay with a computer most of the time.

Finally, he decided to have a doll with him. He doesn’t have much of desire of getting a girl in real life, but someone at his home as an accompany would be the greatest thing for him. Since then, he became more cheerful, positive and optimistic in life. Whether he will get a real girl in the future, he is not sure for now, but at this stage, he is happier than before.

With the stories above, we can see sex dolls offer a lot of benefits in social, mental and sexual. Everyone has their own reasons for owning a sex doll, the impacts are positive for sure.

Please feel free to vaginate around for more Sex Doll Options.


Are Sex Dolls Legal in the United States?

Are sex dolls legal? The short answer is yes with just one exception. All types of love dolls are legal in all the fifty states in the US with the exception of dolls that resemble children. And here at YOURDOLL, we deal with all types of variations such as mini sex dolls, torsos, and full life-size dolls. Our products are tailored to your specific needs because our core mission is customer satisfaction (pun intended). Is there a catch, though?

Pre-pubescent Dolls are Illegal
Although the question “Are sex dolls legal?” is simple to answer, sex dolls are legal in all the fifty states in the country, there is just one small thing that buyers need to be careful about. Sale and purchase of pre-pubescent, small dolls are illegal, and that is where you need to hold your guards. As per the law, such dolls that resemble young kids are known to promote pedophilia, a psychiatric condition where the affected person is sexually attracted to children.
Even though such dolls are still sold in the market by scammers, finding yourself at the other end of the law in a private affair such as this can be a cause for lifelong embarrassment. However, this is just an anecdotal advice that we as a responsible sex doll retailer are sharing with you. We recommend you to take actual legal counsel to know more.

But, if you are well aware of the laws, why not learn more about the popularity of sex dolls!

Away from the Taboo and Stigmas
It is only in the 21st century that we are experiencing an unabashed and free consumption of sex dolls as an aid to satiate one’s sexual needs. Earlier, such aids were seen as a taboo due to the associated cultural stigmas. One would think twice before purchasing one, and eventually, end up suppressing their desires. Today, more and more people are coming out of their closets and embracing sex dolls as a solution for their private needs.
With technological advancement, this embrace and the conspicuously universal need has only led to a fillip in the sex doll industry. With dolls that have near human-like and responsive features, the average user is receptive to the central idea. Users are appreciative of the fact that these dolls are an epitome of complete submission and zero distraction. Which only adds to the flares in a testosterone-pumped man.
According to our customers, the one thing that they most love about their sex dolls is their flexibility. Crazy stunts on a night with an imaginary gymnast? Hell yes! No need for that outdated and often fruitless “Netflix and chill” encounters.

Reach the Zenith of Pleasure with YOURDOLL
Since we only deal with sex dolls that are legal, you can directly jump into our inventory and pick your choice. Our products meet the highest safety standards, are tested for quality and erection (we mean perfection), and are known to last longer than the average alternative. Just hit us up on our website and our representative will guide you in your pursuit o ultimate sexual gratification.

We at YOURDOLL , retail and ship all our products within 2-3 weeks of purchase. And the best part is that we use discreet packaging to respect our customers’ privacy.