Tall Sex Dolls More Than 160CM (5ft3+)

Tall sex dolls are higher than 160cm or 5fts. 163cm sex doll, 165cm sex doll, 166cm sex doll, 168cm sex doll, 170cm sex doll are all in the collection.

These tall sex dolls are absolutely perfect. They are the most realistic sex dolls that can be found in the market. The average height of women in the world is 5.4ft. If you choose a tall sex doll that is over 5 feet, its fidelity will be infinitely close to the real person, because it is the same height as a real woman.

Whether you choose a high sex doll or a BBW sex doll. Our shipping service is free of charge. She will ship it out of Zhongshan’s factory quickly and safely. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us through online chat or email (support@yourdoll.com).

166cm (5ft5″) Sex Doll Charlie

(4 reviews) 1,999.00

166cm (5ft5″) Sex Doll Sela

(5 reviews) 1,999.00

166cm (5ft5″) Sex Doll Verna

(3 reviews) 1,999.00