Medium size Sex Dolls, 140 - 159cm (5ft3``) Love Dolls

Mid-Sized Sex Dolls are higher than 140cm and lower than 159cm. This sort of sex dolls, everything is just right. Their weight is appropriate, and when you are making love with it, her weight is just right for you to lift up. When you are taking pictures of a doll, you can also pose a variety of postures for her. Even you can do it easily when you bathe or make up your doll.

If you have a sufficient budget, you can also choose a luxury sex doll. But for budgets, the mid-sized sex doll is definitely the first choice.

140cm (4ft7″) Sex Doll Rumi

(2 reviews) 1,399.00

156cm (5ft2″) Sex Doll Alexandra

(24 reviews) 1,749.00

140cm (4ft5) Sex Doll Amani


140cm (4ft5) Sex Doll Fleta


140cm (4ft5) Sex Doll Merna

(3 reviews) 1,399.00

140cm (4ft5) Sex Doll Tatum


140cm (4ft5) Sex Doll Ulrika


140cm (4ft7″) Sex Doll Ashley

(8 reviews) 1,449.00

140cm (4ft7″) Sex Doll Athena

(3 reviews) 1,499.00

140cm (4ft7″) Sex Doll Gloria

(2 reviews) 1,459.00

140cm (4ft7″) Sex Doll Jojo

(3 reviews) 1,639.00

140cm (4ft7″) Sex Doll Lara

(19 reviews) 1,399.00